New Year Resolutions


  • Spend an hour each week visiting blogs I’m interested in, as well as those who’ve shown interest in mine, reading and complimenting whenever inspired.
  • Instead of blogging twice a week, I will post three times — Mon, Wed and Fri.
  • I will review my blog every quarter. If what I write resonates with you, please feedback with Likes or Comments — that will be so helpful!


  • Learn how to build my WordPress website.
  • Try podcasting.


  • Go to the doctor regularly; ensure I’m in good shape.


  • 2021 has been a year of expanding my social circle. While keeping old friends, I’m making new ones and I hope to continue this positive pattern. It’s said that we can maintain good relationships with up to 150 people. Well, I’m not there yet, but I can try!

Thank you for reading!

Kathlyn Tsang