What This Blog Is About

I have three topics close to my heart:

Reconciliation with God: I wasn’t from a Christian home. I first became aware of Jesus when I was a child and came across the New Testament. He revealed Himself through the pages of the Gospel, a gentle wooing of my heart that continued through the years. I could sense the Lord, I could feel His feelings even though I didn’t know it was Him then. At 31, I finally broke through into His Kingdom. I aim to write about my journey with Him, and hope my insights will inspire you.

Reconciliation with People: Life is all about relationships isn’t it? When I first started out, I had very little idea how to have healthy relationships and was ill-equipped to handle the working world. God decided to lend me a hand by taking me out of the corporate world and putting me in the church world, where I had no choice but learn how to create and lead a healthy community. I hope to share my journey with you.

Reconciliation with Creation: I have a love for God’s Creation, and I daresay, many times that love has been returned. Creation speaks, not only through the animals but also through the winds, the waters and the earth. Unfortunately, there are also some hidden realities, ugly realities embedded in Creation which I had to learn to tackle. But God made Creation beautiful from the beginning, and this is what I want to focus on.

Kathlyn Tsang

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